Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Special Thank YOU to The Second Life Designers that Help to Make this entire Event Possible !

The Models are ready , The Mentors are keeping them calm *grins* ..
In the mean time The ACS Magic Make Over Team would like to give special thanks
to the Fabulous Designers that made this entire event Possible !!
What many do not understand about this amazing event is that it is truly a one of a kind most special gift to each of these good people going through a terrible illness!
Second life Clothing, Jewelry, hair and skins *smiles*is not something that many of them give much thought to, *Gasp* ! For they have come to the grid seeking support and help from a real life monster each are dealing with . So the powerful gift and kind, generous, gestures of each of these most creative shop owners are most appreciated and to be honest, each have formed a bond and customer for always on here .. How could they not ?? How could anyone forget their utmost acts of kindness!!
So for the next few days ((and after this blog is dedicated to thank each of them !! ))
Thank YOU for your kindness and generosity in making each of these folks feel a wee be brighter
and yes Lovely Indeed !!

Apple May Designs

Apple May Designs was started as a little shop in the early months of 2007.
" Having been interested in photography and art for as long as I can remember I first started by doing several pictures for the residents of this virtual world. I quickly notice people enjoyed my work by the returning customers and vast spread of word of mouth. After a frustrating day of shopping with no success of finding what I was looking for I tried my hand at clothing creation.
My little store quickly grew, and grew, and is still growing. My goal is to bring high fashion, casual wear, as well as style that pushes the boundaries at affordable rates. My interest has grown into skin creation as I have started to crave for make up out of the ordinary.
I am thankful for every person who supports my (severe) addiction to art and fashion. For every purchase made in my store it brings a smile that someone out there enjoys my imagination and addiction to drawing. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!"
Apple May

Caroline's Jewelry
Caroline's Jewelry has timeless jewelry for everyday casual, classic, and formal wear. You'll find cameos, lockets, pearls, time pieces, fun and statement jewelry.

This amazing creative operation can suit you every second Life avi need !!

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